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Yoga Class Descriptions below.
All available classes are attuned to your ability level.

Sonic Yin

 *Available only in person


Physically: Moderate-High intensity in stillness (no experience necessary)


Yin is a practice of static postures, held for minutes to release energy and tension in the connective tissues of our body.


Sonic is the special vibrational healing aspect of this class. As an Acutonics level 2 practitioner, I am able to provide vibrational therapy professionally. This mode of sound healing is unique, and I will attune this class just for you or a group of no more than 9. You won't get this anywhere else, purely my idea.

Using singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks and various other healing vibrations. Students are led through a stimulating experience that bathes the soul. 


Sound Healing
A cosmic tune-up. Through the application of tuning forks to acupoints, the vibration of the cosmos is directly healing the energy body. This skill was developed through Acutonics training. 

Hatha Flow

*Available to all in all modes​


Physically: Unique to the energy level of a given class- High energy. 


This is a somatic experience of intuition-based yoga, with a freedom to express and explore. For balancing the solar and lunar qualities of oneself and harmonizing with the environment. 

Always focused on breath, intention, joy, and awareness. Incorporating ancient wisdom and practices for wellbeing in the modern world. 


Yin Yoga

* Available through webcam or in person.


Physically: Moderate to High

In and through the body to unwind and recalibrate this is a practice is for cultivating inner resources and releasing the past. It is a penetrating experience  to unlock inner wisdom while holding static postures that release bound up body armoring and tension. This practice targets the connective tissues including ligaments, tendons, and fascia. 

Acro Yoga

* In person.

Physically: Moderate to High

AcroYoga means acrobatic yoga. It is a fun play between multiple people on the human jungle gym. Techniques used to build trust and confidence in creating fun flows for 2 or more people.

Mindful Yoga

*Available Virtually or in Person 


After completion of Mindful Yoga for Cancer training at Duke Integrative Medicine. I am able to make adjustments, and alignment for specific cancer symptoms such as chronic pain, fatigue, neurosis, bone density concerns and more. This allows me to provide a truly mindful yoga class for those who have been diagnosed with cancer or are just not as physically able. A great option for seniors. Yoga is beyond the posture dive deep into your experience of life and develops awareness to live well beyond pain.  



*Available through webcam, or in person.


Physically: Moderate


This is a class where gentle movement prepares the body for meditation, and pranayama prepares the nervous system and mind. Mudras, mantras, and intentions may be incorporated if appropriate for the client's needs. 


This is a practice to make space in the mind and open to see our infinite potential to live our unique dharma or truth. Living from the heart and taking the journey inward is not always pleasant. However, it is worthwhile. This is a practice of intimate presence with oneself. A comfortable seated posture is taken to see what is behind the eyes and being with that experience as it is. Allowing a seat of awareness within to develop new avenues of relating to life's experiences. There are many proven benefits, just google it. Then come Om.

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