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The pyramid shape enhances the orgone energy output. This energetic tool protects the space from harmful EMF radiation. With a pure clear quartz crystal on the top, a metal design of your choice, a layer of shungite, aluminum and brass, more shungite (12g total) and the bottom has a visible magnetic copper wire.

Charged up with sacred mantra, healing frequencies and Qi. 

This tool transmutes the EMF and radiation in the air, keeping your space clear of harmful radiation and safe. 



Orgonite Pyramid

  • 30 day return policy. Shipping not covered.

  • Treat your tool with respect. Here are some ideas.

    • It is okay to get this wet. 
    • Charge it up under the full moon.
    • Clear it on selenite or under running water. 
    • Let it rest outside from time to time.


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