Asian Bodywork

Asian Bodywork practitioner, AOBTA®.

  • 1 hour
  • Suggested $55
  • Home calls, or at Enchanted Medicine suite

Service Description

Revive your energy, restore balance, remove any blockages with this healing art. Asian Body modalities: Cupping is the use of suction to draw blood to the surface tissues and expel and cold trapped in the body. This modality can alleviate muscle tension very effectively and became popular after Olympian Michael Phelps used it in recovery between swimming races. Gua Sha is a method of vigorously scrapping the skin to alleviate tension and improve circulation. It has been shown to reduce viral load in scientific study. Moxibustion which is the burning of mugwort on acupuncture points. This heat penetrates to the meridian level and does not burn the skin. The skill is a refined art and delicate practice. Shiatsu is the physical palpation of the body that delivers healing touch. Methods of Shiatsu improve circulation, alleviate tension, move Qi and blood. This is a Japanese refined art. It helps the body to release unconscious body armoring. Emotional release may occur, but is not necessary for healing to take place. The methods used are tailored to the clients needs in each session.

Cancellation Policy

If you have to cancel please email or call me.

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