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Orgone energy tools

These energy tools known as orgonites are here to serve clients as protective amulets. Humans are electro-magnetic beings this is a fact. We are affected by EMF (electromagnetic frequency) and radiation daily. This comes from bluetooth, wi-fi, 4G and now 5G technology. It would be nearly impossible to avoid these technologies.

How do we protect ourselves from their harmful effects such as fatigue, headaches, insomnia, DNA damage, memory loss and other adverse affects? Orgonites!

Orgone energy a term coined by Wilhelm Reich the doctor of medicine and psycho-analogy. It is an energy tool made of alternating organic and non-organic materials such as crystals and metals. This combination acts as a magnet to the "life-positive" energy Wilhelm Reich called "orgone" which protects the area from harmful EMF radiation. 

Medicine Mission Orgonite Materials

  • High grade powdered Shungite which is composed of 98% carbon and has been credited for protection from EMF radiation.

  • Clear Quartz known for its ability to amplify vibrations and clear the mind. For millennia quartz has been used for protection and is one of the best energy amplifiers. Affiliated with the crown chakra.

  • Lapis Lazuli favored by ancient Egypt and used to enhance intuition, open the third eye and connect to the higher self. 

  • Peridot also used in ancient Egypt this gem is protective and healing. The green color resonates with the heart chakra and love.

  • Garnet is a red gemstone that improves circulation with a warming quality. Associated with the root and sacral chakra it enhances love for oneself, romantic love and relationships. It also holds a grounding quality. 

  • Ruby one of the most precious stones in the whole world. With metaphysical attributes of enhancing vitality, love and helping the wearer to walk through life without fear. 

  • Aluminum, yes the aluminum does block radiation and phone signals. You can laugh about the aluminum hats now.

  • Brass enhances the bioelectric field of the energy tool.

  • Magnetic Copper Wire is a conductor of energy. 

When the orgonites are made. I charged them up with healing frequencies and chant sacred mantras the entire time I work with the resin and other materials. This ensures that your energy tool is infused with pure intention for your healing and protection. The orgonite is then placed outside under the full moon or on a selenite plate to ensure it is pure and ready for your use. 

Hand crafted

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