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I and I

Inspired by the rastafari movement seeing through the bondages of babylon.

Thump thump thump, I can feel this urge, the surge of blood through my veins the heart beckons me on. Speaking to me in languages unheard, unwritten, never spoken. This power of the heart, to speak without the bondage of language compelled me to drop out of college, travel to the east coast, go to the west coast. Dive into hinduism, the ancient teachings of yoga, sound-healing, subtle energy, and understanding of myself. This is a journey into the heart of my being.

I made my facebook page Be Human over a year ago and little did I know this was the goal of the coming year. To rest in being, to trust in the greater mystery of life. Rather than doing so much, and attaching to the idea that I know where I am headed. Rather than allowing babylon, the constructed society to guide my way. I can see the conditions of the society we live in, the perimeters I slipped myself into, the limits my subconscious mind imposed on me, the corruption, the greed the need for more and more doing.

The Be Human evolution of myself has unlocked the doors of perception as I release the need to be in a constant state of getting something done. I have found that the eyes of doing put me in a tunnel; only seeing a projected path of a label I was in pursuit of attaining. Once i started to open up the 'I don't know' doors opened to me.

I was accepted to Duke integrative Medicine. A journey that took me to the East coast and taught me a lot more about my own yogic lifestyle than I ever expected from a program called 'Mindful Yoga for Cancer.' I met a man, Mark Devenpeck at this training, he owns a studio in Orange county and told me he was teaching at Bhakti fest in Joshua tree later this year. When he told me to go I hesitated with, "if I have the funds and the timing is right." Little did I know it would all fall right into place. Before that I had another conquest given to me by my dads strangely spiritual wife (considering his very traditional views and moderate atheism), Saray told me that if I wanted to I could go to Yogaville in Virginia since I would be in the area, so of coarse I took up the opportunity. Before my month long stay in Satchidananda's Ashram I ventured through North Carolina with my mom. We went to the beach, to Ashville a place I could see myslef living, and a cousins wedding in Winston-Salem. That time with her is cherished we have been able to connect in ways that only a young adult fresh on the path of self-realization can. Once I dropped her and my granmother off at the airport I had a few days to decompress in Raleigh. Then to Yogaville, a place that would deepen my understanding of hinduism and give me a chance to really focus on my being. This setting was not what I would settle in, the ashramites were diverse some worship the guru who had passed, some escaping the 'real world' and some resonated with me on a deep level. The highlights of this East Coast adventure were abundant, made lifelong friendships, cultivated self knowledge and untied the bonds of a conditioned mind.

Then recently I went to the West coast for Bhakti Fest. As the heart opened to a whole new me. I was in a festival I loves, no alcohol had a large impact, but beyond that there I was held by community. Reminded when I slipped into the paradigm of separation and doing and then embraced in connection and being. This si the place I want to live from I now know. My heart spoke many things to me this summer. Above all the way of being, just me, as I am, in every moment.

So "To be with your human experience mindfully; living in love and embracing all facets of life." became the tag line on my business cards. This was out of the heartfelt embrace of this journey.

The Be Human evolution of myself has unlocked the doors of my hearts infinite possibilities. I continue to release the need to be in a constant state of getting something done. As I become a wandering yogini with no projected path just a willingness to follow what calls out to me. A heart full of love to give for the benefit of all. A willingness to base the random stranger that asked for some therapeutic peaceful flight, or anything that is asked of my being.

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