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This is not your fathers paradigm

Transformation is everything, but simple.

Hawaii called and called again and this is when I listened. Sweeping the floors at work, I was frustrated ranting in my mind. I caught the self demolition and paused, took a breath, changed my route. Thought, "well a lot of people come through here I will meet someone important." That night, I went to the bar for dinner asked a man if the seat was taken then sat at a lone bar stool. We began to share stories and made friends with each other between fries and smiles. He had just retuned from Hawaii and his brother owned land out there. I had mentioned how my friend had recently asked me to go. I was propelled. Out for mystery into this journey, out to the ocean into the unknown. Taking this leap is anything, but comfortable but once I committed more illuminated. There is nothing certain, intuition led me here, but I do now more than ever hear with the heart and respond.

In the past few months I have only had a house for one, and this is what I have revealed. The heart doesn't always need a home. The cabin I occupied in Bear Canyon was a blessing at the time of a ayurvedic cleanse, and the inner work that goes along with a serious relationship ending. Now that I am out, I am ready. Not only do I save the money I need to travel, but I am not tied to a lease. I find my transience propels my trust. I submit to the mystery and surrender to what will be.

Then at the core of it all. I found solace within. Psychologically labeled as a sensation directed extravert. Then take to account the spiritual talk of not acting from sense desires and

going within, I felt I was not equipped at times. I get charged from being with others. I take refuge in sharing those stories, smiles and light. In diving into the darkness and revealing the truth together. Today I realized I expand my awareness and I am within it all. I feel deeply, I share this slice of reality with all of you and I love it. We are raised by each other. This is not your fathers paradigm.

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