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Radical Trust

Sweeping the floors my monkey mind rattled away all that was wrong with working as a cog in the machine. Taking part in this clearly defaulted system. Maybe this was sparked from listening to The Most Beautiful Your Heart Knows is Possible, by Charles Eisenstein. As he went on about global warming and I thought of my personal role in the devastation of our environment. My mind jumped from my use of my car, my clothes, my dogs food, to the food industries flaws in food distribution, and many other flaws of an outdated industry. All of the sudden I was really upset, mutilated by the monkey-mind. I caught the mono loco. . Took a breath, let it go. " I am here, this is what is happening right now. Not forever. " I was then struck with patients, a kindness for myself and most of all trust. The tool of acceptance applied was inspired from Radical Acceptance, by Tara Brach.

Later that evening after bussing tables, serving food, and more cleaning, I went to the bar for my own meal and a brew. I approached a single seat asking the two groups on either side if it was available. Then the man next to me struck up a conversation. I told him about my work with plants, yoga and the youth. He told me about his travels. I shared some of mine and how my friend had recently invited me to Hawaii. Then he offered me work there.

Just like that; from knowing this was not my place, to an offer on the islands of Hawaii, it snowballed into a magical journey that I will embark on next week. All it took was acceptance, some open honesty with a stranger, and trust. I looked into flights and it was almost too easy. The islands want me there for some reason. In shock I posted on Facebook that I am headed to Hawaii and a cosmic connection followed in suit. A good friend and his family are there when I arrive and offered for me to join them on Kauai. So I will be headed there to meet my friend, then hiking the napali coast trail, then to live at Medicine Ashram.

Many, many more opportunities have come to light. Illuminating my trust opened me to this magic, to travel, to be free, to give love and receive blessings.

So here is more on why I went further than just acceptance. I have this tattoo it is the eye of Horus (the Egyptian God of perception), two Om's for harmony, and a full moon. Because when you face your Ultimate truth and harmonize, you glow like the full moon. This reminder has been on my back for three years. It's intensity has only increased. I stayed in Swami Satchitananda Ashram this last summer, he said "Many paths, One Truth." Inspired to establish a healthier relationship with the religion I was raised in and had grown distant towards; I looked up quotes from the Bible in Job 22:23 -22:26 I found "If you return to the Almighty... for then you will delight in the Almighty and turn your face to God." In efforts to reconcile with my roots I have seen more clearly what works for me. There is a common truth many call Ultimate. So I trust. I urge you to listen to your own truth. I am only recommending some good books and that we trust in what is unfolding. That we are here and this is what is happening right now. Not too roll over and give up. Rather to open and allow this extremely liberating trust. That is all I recommend and maybe it can open doors for you like it has for me.

Mahalo for reading,

hope this gives you light.

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