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Let's Be Real

It seems almost unreal how this last month has flowed. I've noted some keys that kept me open to a smooth ride. Trust of course, and being aware of what is within and let's be real, that includes some not-so-pretty parts. A month ago I ran up to a grocery store, Mana, and noticed a man, Rogan, I had met two weeks before. We had arrived on Hawaii the same day and a soul contract magnetized our relationship. Crossing paths by no coincidence he was walking out of the store as I hurriedly ran to get back to the friend waiting for me in a no parking zone. I grabbed his arm and I pulled him back in. He told me he was headed to a full moon gathering which by no coincidence was where we were headed. So he and his friend hopped in our van and off we went to Blue Mountain for a full moon gathering.

This is a strong flow and like water if resisted, my body would ache. Resistence would cause me pain. So a month has passed and I am thrown into an invigoratingly heart opening love. A relationship that illuminates my shadows way of protecting my old patterns. The ways that old shit resurfaces for us to see it from a different angle and dissolve the old pattern to continue rising above and meeting our higher purpose. This relationship has been piercing through all my idealisms of romance, all my protected wounds, and the subtle ways I block love. In feeling my resistance I am nearly ashamed, but as I look onto love I can be vulnerable and free the shackled energy that is locked up in a fear based limitation. Love is a limitless resource. These expressions of my experience are not to flaunt a romance or exaggerate. It is really what is happening, with other relationships as well. When someone pushes me away, I'm thrust into a tender feeling, then a part of my inner-standing is opening and I see they are only acting from their pain. We are in a time where compassion is needed. The time for us to tap into our unlimited love for all. To radiate peace and prevail on Earth. My inner-spiration is to be shared to uplift you. There have been times when there is nothing to hold on to, no ground to stand on, I had to take a trust fall. I was inbetween places to live, my friend with the van was leaving soon, and I had no option to hold into fear. I have to continually let go and trust that something will come up. This allows abundance, of love, of food and for a safe living situation. We are in a symbiotic relationship with our environment with no fear we are open to the abundance of nature. The law of attraction has to be a continual act. Mother Nature is giving and nurturing us as her children, she is also relentless and savage. As long as we are trusting, she is willing to open. As long as we are empty of resistance, she is allowed to provide. This Full Moon in Libra, a sign of balance and justice. With Jupiter, a planet of abundance in its house. This has given us all the chance to perceive what is in harmony and what is not. It is here for us to see if we can perceive clearly. Can we open to abundance? Our government is seemingly out of whack and the pain in the world unavoidable. Just like the jungles chaos, harmony may not always be seen, but naturally it is occuring. Dissonance between ourselves and our higher selves is the relationship we can adjust. The harmony we vibrate within affects our nation, our planet and the universe. As above, so below. As within so without. You are what you perceive. You have heard it all before, I know.  It is you we have been waiting for, now is our time.  It is not me, but us. We all must collaborate and harmonize with the flow that elevates our being that connects us to our higher selves. Do what inspires you. As Joseph Campbell said, "follow your bliss." This isn't to be confused with desire for chocolate that gives you momentary enjoyment, but the bliss that is in the actions that really make you feel alive. Credit to Chani Nicholas for her astrological artistry. So, let us be real. Real people are not perfect. We are harmonizing with our higher selves and aligning with Truth. A balance is not stagnant, but rather a dynamic dance. It is a nonresistant nature that allows flow to let love in and the patterns, conditions and dissonance go. Mahalo! Much gratitude to all my relations and readers.

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