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Detoxing from American Dystopia

Will the madness end or will it be the new normal? Because I have questioned it I have found these to be helpful answers. In 7 steps work your way out of discouragement and into courage. Keep your chin up and know we are all in this together. I found these past few weeks really hard to understand so I created tools that helped me navigate racial injustice, violent crimes, natural disasters and all the persuasive stories that had little truths. Come here to find support on your journey and stay on track.

Write it down if it is helpful for you and answer the questions that lead you deeper.

You are the cure for the dis-ease in humanity. So please take yourself seriously.

You are here to illuminate your awareness to be the cause and the cure.

  1. Know yourself

  • ​What is your background? Race? Sexuality? Socio-economic standing? Family? Hobbies? This is all important because this is where you are relating from. It is all a part of the story of you. Honor it all and just reflect and then release. It is not all that you are.

  • How do beliefs and ideas shape your life? Are you a rock mind, fire mind, air mind, or a water mind? Meaning do you hold steady to, spark and fuel, float around or flow in and out of; beliefs of your own and others.

  • When an issue bothers you what is it? and why does it get under your skin? Know this well because your greatest gift is right under your deepest fears. I am bothered by...because it feels... Why, because I have beliefs like... Or maybe I feel... Oh! I like to .., I am passionate about. . THAT. That is your niche, your focus, for this is your cause. No one can do this alone. We need to do it together in our unique ways and support the many cures.

  • Let go of the beliefs that keep you stuck and initiate your highest goal. HIGHEST goal, I mean aim high. What is your BIG dream? Imagine it. Feel it. Attract it.

  1. Know the issues well

  • ​Do the research. What do you want to improve? It needs to be understood and seen clearly from all sides. If you can see the whole issue clearly you can cure the dis-ease. Perspective is limited by our lens which may be tinted by differences in view and beliefs, stories, or it may be clarified by understanding. Progress comes when we change. As individuals we have to take the steps. We cannot beg Trump, congress, or the media any longer. The issue runs deep in each of our veins. We are in pivotal times. We need to act as a species and pivot our national into the cure.

  • This is a major step in detoxing dystopia. We live in a capitalist culture where consumers are spoon fed ideas and morals. This is the hard point of realizing, maybe all these thoughts aren't really mine. Whatever you dive into-dive deep.

  • Most of all know yourself well. Take a pause in the heat of the moment when you are fired up and notice why. Feel it. The fire. The passion. The anger. The heat of that moment. BE in it and know it is not the story not the beliefs or the mind-stuff that makes you, you. Just be. Watch it all go down within you. By feeling these strongly charged emotions you allow them to release and pass. A trick of meditation, because if they fester they will create dis-ease. Please connect to that unfathomable field of possibility and open up to solutions. They may not come in now, but you are attracting them. TRUST.

  1. Get clear

  • ​So you found your spot. You know your issue. An your charge to the issue. Now choose the unarguable Truth. Beware of blaming others and wanting to make them change, these are flags that you are not aligned with Truth.

  • Mis-inner-standing->Judgements-> complaints->increased dissatisfaction.

  • The cure is in connections. Not in the wrongs and rights. It is a grand solution beyond black and white.

  1. Navigate the World​​

  • ​Don’t ignore it, no need to feel guilt for it. Grow from it.

"Be the change." -Gandhi

What are your words? What is your self talk? Commit to speaking kindly to yourself and others. No lies! No Hiding! Speak your truth. Learn from others and be impeccable with your words

  • ​We elevate each other and we can rise to new heights together look for support. Give support. If an issue gets really serious reach out to those that understand it and have different perspectives. Adopt what resonates with you and leave the rest.

  1. Create Yourself

  • "Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself" -Bernard Shaw

  • Be firm in your knowing: " Be still and know. . . " As a Christian may say or "I AM" as a yogi may put it. "To know yourself, forget yourself." As a Buddhist may say. Satchitananda capped it off with "Many paths one Truth."

  • You don't need to go anywhere to "find yourself." You are here for a reason and you choose your purpose. Be here and create your reality right now.

  • Do you choose to see differences or not. From a humanitarian perspective no one is a Hindu-human, Islamic-human, German-human, American-human. We are all just human. So we must not create suffering where it is not. That is evil. We must not allow more dis-ease. Symptoms are shown in the lack of connectedness from: each other, Mother Nature and her creatures, the cosmos, and what holds all of that together, Source/God/Great Mystery.

  1. Follow the Golden Thread

  • ​Focus on that goal, your highest aim. Hold that with you as you walk through the streets of madness. Stay a float with your cure by writing it down somewhere you will see. "I am. . ." Put it in the present moment.

  • Follow the feeling. If it sparks your interest and you feel elevated go for it, drop the excuses, just do it. If you question it, pause, and without the pressure of the mind, settle into the feeling as you focus on each option individually. Only love is real. If you don't love it. Don't do it.

  • Come back to this thread. Leave a comment. This is what works for me, but it may not all suit you. Find what fits your fancy and leave the rest, but please let me know what is helpful and what is not. What I can do for you and if you have any advice for me. Please and Thank you.

  • ​​And Finally

  1. Common Connection

  • ​We are all from one humanity. We all share 99% of the same DNA. We all share the same Planet. If that isn't enough to bridge the gaps of separation know that we are all connected by life itself. We all breathe the same air. We are held in the same Universe. We all need nourishment. Be the human you are.

The world can be awfully overwhelming and I don't say that lightly. There seems to be so many that are not connected to Source and a vast Unknown, God. Our innate human connectedness has been lost we forgot we share this Planet. A madness in the form of dis-connection, a dis-ease if I may. Has taken over part of our human experience there is mass dis-ease, I mean this not in medical terms, but in the spiritual sense.

You are the cure. Connect. Share. Evolve.

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