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Ho'oponopono & Let it Be

One of our greatest questions has been where we come from. The Big Bang has been our scientific explanation and this violent rendition of a dramatic event has defined us. We are made of the same things as the stars. The same cosmic primordial vibration that shines through the life giving rays of the sun ignites each of us. Have no fear. For fear is the toxic formula for weakness and it will leave you betrayed. The truth is beyond the material world. Beyond the chaos of political discussion and philosophical debate. You and I share a truth that connects all beings to the one in which we live, die, and are born to. Again and again we may ask, how the hell did I/we get here? We are born to a magical world of orderly chaos beyond our comprehension. Do not fret if you don't see eye to eye with me or anyone for that matter. I'm not here to convince you that I am right or that you are wrong. I am here to experience this life and express the unity in hUmaNITY. One family, one species, under one sun. So what is there to forgive? I've been walking through the valley of my own shadow and from these intentional explorations of Self I have something I want to share. Forgiveness. Whether it is for the spacey-ness from a lack of sleep or the depression that keeps me in bed some days, or the desires that drive me into the future, the passions of love life, or the anger that disrupts my peace. Whatever river I cross. I have learned that the only way to really let go is to forgive, myself. A Hawaiian practice called Ho' oponopono, unlocks the secret that there is nothing out there, it is all within. It is a practice that unlocks the healing potential of repentance, forgiveness, gratitude and love. Ho' oponopono means, "I'm sorry." " I forgive you." "Thank you." and " I love you." When you come across a rough path and you are not getting along with another or facing the enemy within taking a moment to silently or audibly repeat this will unlock your energy for a higher perspective and inner peace. The cool part is whether you repeat the phrase in Hawaiian with clear understanding of the vibration of repentance, forgiveness, gratitude and love, or in english, you will harness the power of this ancient wisdom. There is a Buddhist parable about two monks. They are walking and come across a River. A woman asks for help across and as one monk helps her the other is appalled. About 12 miles later after being consumed by his disgust the monk asks, "how could you disobey our oath and touch that woman.To which the other replies, "I set her down on the other side of the river. You still carry her for the past 12 miles." This illustrated how we can hold something against another, but it actually only is a holding against ourselves. Everything is within. There is no reason to carry guilt in ones own choices or to harbor a grudge over another. Both of these efforts only waste our energy. Another example is, what is the weight of a glass of water? Well if I held it for a few seconds it would weigh nearly nothing, twenty minutes and it may feel like my arm is aching and in a few hours and it would feel like a ton. Over time the holding weighs down on our consciousness. The world is heavy. Sometimes I carry the weight of the world. When I use Ho'oponopono I not only tell myself sorry for my faults and judgements, but if I forgive myself for the mistakes I make from that place of dissonance. At this stage I send gratitude to myself for the courage to grow. Finally love enters my field naturally because it is always there. Opening my awareness to these qualities and practice forges a conscious awareness of the inter-dependance of all life. If I can forgive myself I can forgive the human race for the confusion that consumes it. Compassion grows from the inside. There is a lot of trouble one can easily get caught up on these days. From naturally occurring disasters to public relations, who our president is, and international affairs. All of that only adds to ones weight, to let go is to rise in love. If we can stay grounded in the present moment and appreciate the process we are much more likely to take flight. To soar above and see from a higher perspective, all is connected. 'We don't always travel to go somewhere else, we travel to see from a different perspective.' forgiveness opens the mind to what Zen calls, beginners mind. A fresh perspective. To begin again in known surroundings can be difficult. Just returning to mindfulness opens awareness to the power of being. Step out of a distracted lifestyle into a new way of being with your human experience. This life you live is precious and preparing for death is essential. You are made of all the elements and the cosmic vibration that started this all moves within you. 'We are all rays of the same sun.' And on that same note you would not know yourself without the other. Take yourself seriously, but don't take life too seriously. Enjoy this divine dance and live in the mystery of you. You are essential for us. You are a key of hUmaNITY. You are perfectly you. Forgiveness is a tool for more than just others. It is here for you to release your weight and travel lightly. Forgiving your being allows you to live awake.

Happy trails fellow human being.


You are a divine reflection.

Love you so very much.

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