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Fall Cleanse

The Scoop

Cleansing if an effective and gentle way to detox the body. This is more than just about your diet. This cleanse is for mind-body and spirit. It is to set you up for the next cycle as Yin emerges, and Yang descends. It is important to cleanse during these pivotal seasons of Spring and Fall because dis-ease can burrow in. In the fall we are in the time of harvest and store our reserves for the winter. Our bodies have been doing this for centuries and although we may not all be farmers, it is still in our biology. It is important to clear out the system so that we do not store things that will slow down our evolution into the next season and year. This will be an immersive experience held by community support and nurtured by the Earth. During the cleansing period, diets will eliminate toxins and encourage cleansing of the blood, Lungs, and Kidneys. As these are the organs associated with the seasons of Fall and Winter. Supplements and herbs will be recommended based on your needs after a consultation with me. I have been a practicing herbalist and cleansed during the pivotal seasons for 6+ years. I will be implementing the wisdom of Chinese Medicine to hold a space for harmonizing with nature.

October 14th-28th.

New Moon to Full Moon.​​

  • Meditations and Yoga will be hosted via Zoom so that you may practice at home at the start of your day. 

  • Hatha & Yin Yoga you can either do in person at Santa Fe Community Yoga or via Zoom.

  • The Welcome call & Check-in Meetings are via Zoom OR in person

    • The location would be Tribes Coffee. 

  • Scheduling an Elemental Archetype discovery Call is essential to deeply work with your unique blueprint and harmonize with nature. Watch the introductory video here: 

  • A packet will be delivered to you via email or hard copy. This will include all the details about the following areas as well as preparation and integration for after.

  • Mind-Body & Spirit

    • Daily meditations for about 30 minutes (8 am MST, there will be a recording also sent to participants)​

    • Daily Yoga is encouraged and there will be 4 classes offered during the cleanse time. Two Hatha classes & two Yin classes. There will also be recordings available. 

    • Journal prompts will encourage a deeper look at what is being released.

    • Check-in calls are an opportunity to find integration and accountability with the group. If you need additional support one-one calls can be set up at any point to assist you in your journey. 

    • Full Moon and New Moon rituals. Set up your altar for the new season and create a sacred space for your cleanse on the Full Moon. Set your intentions and step into your pure embodied truth on the New Moon. 

  • Diet:

    • It includes what to eliminate, and what to focus on eating. This gives the digestive system a break and an opportunity to reset. 

    • Even though a cleanse is a gentle detox it may still be a challenge. The group and I will be here to support you along the way.

    • Recipes for simple meals. Regular meal times are essential to give the digestive system time to rest. 

    • There will be an emphasis on vegetarian foods. However, meat is used in Chinese Medicine to build reserves and Yang energy so depending on your constitution and dietary preferences conscious meat choices are provided in recipes. 

    • Grocery list items will be provided. It is recommended to just go to the store once at the start of the cleanse so you are not tempted by snacks, sugar, alcohol or caffeine later. 

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

Looking forward to working with you!
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