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This is

Kaivalya Yoga School


Lotus in Bloom


I bow to you. Welcoming the Universe that dwells within you, to meet the Universe that dwells within me. In the Sanskrit greeting of honoring the wholeness and light that dwells within each other, we begin.

Come and find a deep connection to your inner wisdom.

Learn the cultural context and history of yoga.

Keep reverence for this ancient path of wisdom and spiritual connection.

This Yoga School is for those ready to go beyond.

This Yoga is for ALL. 

KAIVALYA कैवल्य​

A Sanskrit word to describe the goal of yoga, like moksha (liberation), and Nirvana (ceasing desire). Kaivalya is a state of understanding supreme wisdom and being in absoluteness, completely connected to it ALL.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Birds eye view

Kaivalya YTT is made for all. Learning from Nature which evolves stronger with biodiversity, we encourage all walks of life to find their path to Truth. No matter your body type, ethnic background(s), gender(s), or economic standing you are welcome here.

This 200-hour training is accessible with variable payment options and scholarships. It is accessible for all body types with training in modification for the elderly, differently abled, children, and, pregnancy.

Yoga is for ALL and that is why we aim to keep Yoga accessible. We can all learn skills to cultivate inner strength and skillful means through yoga to encourage radical change that eliminates inequality in the world.

"Truth is one, paths are many" ~Mahatma Ghandi


We ask a fair price of $3,000 for 200 hours of training, for those able to sustain this YTT.

Contact us about pricing plans, scholarship opportunities, early-bird/ Veteran/ Senior/ Student discounts if needed. 


September 2024-February 2025

5 months

Training begins September 21st with a weekend retreat 

The course runs until February 20th with a closing retreat to connect and receive your credentials.

The course is hosted on weekends with in-person and online availability. It includes holiday breaks, a cleanse, and two retreats at the beginning and end for deeper community connection. 

Yoga Retreat


 Feel connected to the dynamic Universe.

Make your life sacred by learning ancient practices and techniques to attune your vibration.

Live full of intention and purpose even when there is monotony. Have the skills to share your love of yoga.

Cultivate an inspiring path of growth.

Brighten up your routine with an endless path of self discovery.

Learn about the ancient paths of yoga and how to walk inward and find unshakable union.

Find connection to the cosmos and the Earth in an embodied practice. 

This is a valuable opportunity to go deeper. 

Laughing Yoga

Growth &

Laughing Yoga
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Addmissions close in August 2024

You can make an inquiry and pay later or secure your spot now!


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Take Your First Step

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" ~ Lao Tzu

“It is only when the correct practice is followed for a long time, without interruptions and with a quality of positive attitude and eagerness, that it can succeed.” ~ Direct: Patañjalis Yoga-Sutras

“Truth is the same always. Whoever ponders it will get the same answer. Buddha got it. Patanjali got it. Jesus got it. Mohammed got it. The answer is the same, but the method of working it out may vary this way or that. ”

~ Commentary: Sri S. Satchidananda, The Yoga Sutras

I am so excited to share my love of yoga with you!

For more infomation send an inquiry.

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I would love to hear about your interest and questions. 

An embodied Yoga practice comes with time and effort.

Come find your path to Truth and illuminate your consciousness. 

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