YOGA for Every Body

Offering yoga teachings that brings about the re-enchantment of life, raises consciousness & supports the wellbeing of the commUNITY.

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500 hours of training

(RYT) Registered Yoga Teacher


After 8 years of practice, it was time to learn Yoga in depth. From the historical roots, the philosophy, practices that raise consciousness, and the anatomy of the body. I received my 200hr- RYT in August of 2015 from my first teacher, Julie Berg at her studio, Bija (seed). The understanding continually grows from that first seed she nurtured in me.  In June of 2016 I participated in Mindful Yoga for Cancer at Duke Integrative Medicine. This course taught me far more than I anticipated and the scope of what I learned can reach far beyond those with cancer. After that I dove into Ashram life, at Yogaville in Virginia.

Everything became my sadhana, the practice, and now yoga is my life.

In 2019 I started a year long journey with Inner Power Yoga™️ with the remarkable teacher RR Shakti. Her Soul Artist Academy lead me to depths of inner awareness I had not accessed before. Integrating shadow-work into my yoga practice and finding connections to the psyche under the surface of conscious awareness. This 300 hr training brought me to the 500 hr level and also reminded me to access my inner power and teach from this place of integrity. 

 I've been trained to share yoga with others in a safe, non-dogmatic way.

I serve as a guide who uses creative themes to keep your mind in the moment with tools for grief, emotional healing, spiritual transformation, and physical well-being.

You are your best teacher and what I offers allows your inner guru to be heard and the wisdom within to shine through your practice.

For other teachers I am a qualified as continuing education teacher and have the experience to share the wisdom of walking the path of unity that is Yoga.