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Awakening to the Sacredness of Life

In this extraordinary experience on the sacred Lake Atitlan, we will come together to make ordinary life sacred again. Kaivalya, locals, and indigenous wisdom keepers will be offering techniques for the embodiment of sacred wisdom.  Mother Nature will be our sacred container and there will be daily opportunities to connect and reflect on her wisdom. This will be a deep dive into your divine nature (Dive-in/ Divine). Through honoring all of the things we take for granted such as breath, food, water, and body capability. A central theme of this retreat will be igniting the spiritual fire of tapas, and connecting to the fires within and around us through ritual and ceremony. To invigorate our connection to the divine within and all around. Transforming our relationship to life itself, through tapas, we allow the vibrant light of sacredness to return to life. As you step into the spiritual fire it cleanses and clears you as much as you let it. Each of our healing journeys has a ripple effect on all of humanity. With the intention to rekindle the relationship to Earth and all her inhabitants we will be sending this prayer out to the world. Healing these connections can awaken inner power and truth and help to truly integrate the insights of spiritual practice. 
In this 5-day retreat with meditation, yoga, ritual, ceremony, time with nature, prayer, and song you will be able to connect to the sacredness of life again and return to your true power.
The purpose of this offering is to give participants tools to carry back to ordinary life.
A portion of the proceeds will be returned to the local community through nonprofits aimed at protecting the water. 

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Connecting to the

Please book now to reserve your space. Note any restrictions or changes due to the pandemic that may impact your travel will be refunded. 

5-day Yoga Retreat on Lake Atitlán 

November 30th -December 4th 2021

November and December are the most beautiful months of the fall season.

$1,500 double occupancy room  or $1,800 for single occupancy room

The package includes:

  • 5 night reservation in a beautiful Maya Rose room (single/double occupancy) at the Villa Sumaya Retreat and Wellness Resort. Santa Cruz La Laguna

  • 8 yoga classes with accessibility for all levels. Options for more vigorous classes or restorative classes. 

    • Focused on expanding conscious awareness and cultivating balance in the mind & body. ​

    • Hatha yoga in the mornings to start your day off with invigorating breath and movement. 

    • Yin Yoga in the evenings, focused on the 5 elements and corresponding meridians.

  •  5 meditations

    • We will be diving deep into the energy centers of the body and opening to the sacredness of the life that is living through you. With a daily heart coherence practice to cultivate a sense on living in alignment. 

    • One meditation and discussion on Sacred Sexuality*

  • New Moon Ritual December 4th. Includes sidereal astrology, and an opportunity to set intentions for the year to come. (120 minutes)*

  • Fresh, wholesome vegetarian meals, served plated, three times daily.

  • Sacred Mayan Fire Ceremony*

  • One-hour massage

  • Other spa services are available for booking **

  • Kayak rentals available **

  • Tour of local market**

  • Hiking trails near the Retreat Center.

  • There will also be opportunities to donate to local indigenous non-profits and support the community.

  • Pre-arranged COVID-19 testing 48 hours before departure. Testing is provided onsite at Villa Sumaya and billed to individual guests (currently $115 PCR / $55 rapid antigen)

  • Full COVID-19 protocol to ensure the safety of our guests, employees, and community

  • Round-trip airport transfer is included (one single van each way, time to be determined based on group arrivals/departures)

  • Flight is NOT included. Please fly into GUA Guatemala City’s international airport. Be prepared to take a shuttle 3 hours to the lake and then a 15 min boat ride to our secluded and safe restreat space.  Please try to land as close to noon-2:00pm as possible so you can get a good nights rest. 

* optional, but included activities

**Optional, not included activities

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