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Heart Medicine

Woke up a little more, not in the morning but to the vibration of Om. I opened my eyes and saw the reflection of the ocean on the clear atmosphere. Riding the waves with my eyes a whale in the center of my gaze flopped its tail as if in response. No words can grasp the magic of my reality, yet I attempt to explore the vocabulary available to me. It wasn't just Maui's environment that knocked me into my heart, or was it. No. The journey just continues perpetually. Trying to find the center of it ALL. It may just be nothing. An experience under the stars revealed something darker than me. A train of thought rode on the celestial fires. Painted mysteries of light untangled patterns as my mind unwound. I saw a triangle of light, a cosmic capstone in the ether. I related the star light to points in my body to find the the center was a dark space of the milky way. My heart beat into the bath water my head slipped under to cover my ears. Silence, then a thought talked, "why desire staring into a beaming Venus's eye. Why, like a moth, stare into the light?" There is so much darkness to explore. Feeling into the dark with an open heart I was enveloped into the womb of existence. Hearing a vibration with my body leading to a the heart of hearts.

Creating the letter that not then, but later would be read into the future. My thoughts are my contribution to this manifestation we call creation, the trick is. It isn't just me. It isn't anyone. It is beyond. I am just here, just playing the strings of my heart to the rhythm of life. Harmonizing my life force, a walking ecosystem, an extension of Earth. There is a simplicity to the spiritual pathless path. A flow that just goes like a river to the ocean. I found myself isolated on a mountain over looking the her dynamic coast. A lack of daily routine, yet mornings are always initiated with meditation. My neighbor, an alchemist shares some time with me. We start our days with Agnihotra, a morning ceremony to honor the sun, then I move onto salutations of gratitude. He reminds me constantly of Source and the One-the-only-one. A devotee of the beloved divine mother he is a sanctuary of a friendship for me. There is the constant thrill of falling in love with the mystery of it all. I found myself up here to be a apart of a community of people and got filtered into a red house where I spend most of my time in solitude. It has been a blessing to have this time I never could have expected such an experience. Diving so deeply into myself.

A Sunday worth celebrating, with so many celestial portals. After agni-hotra I took part in a potent ceremony with the sisterhood I share here. Holding a space for women to come together in sacred circle. The red-tent revolution is reviving the sacred feminine. During such pivotal times we stand in the midst of a cultural decay and revivification. With so much fear in the control of our world movements as small as ten women in circle choosing love has a ripple effect. No one is alone. No one is an island. The inter-being is visible when tuning in to such cosmic forces. We are waking up. I hope this

heart medicine can help to heal the disease of separation.

On a humorous note this came through a hilarious tunnel of thought.

A wookie would tumble if a wood chuck ate the wood of a wookies foot hairs.

"The power of unfulfilled desires is the root of all many slavery" Paramahansa Yogananda

May you realize in this lifetime!

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