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Lunar New Year 2024: Yang Green Dragon

The first new moon of the year marks the Lunar New Year as celebrated in China also known as Chinese New Year. This year it lands on February 10th. In the year to come arriving in your fullest potential and absolute disaster are both possible. This is a guide, for a gentle and insightful approach to the year ahead so you can focus on the bold. Through the lens of Eastern Mysticism, Chinese Astrology, and Chinese Medicine. You will find tips to stay on the fast moving Yang Green Dragon and not end up as a meal. Exploring the transformative and mystical energy ahead. This years energy is a catalyst of great change, the World is at a tipping point so how can you keep your grounding as the Yang energy flies and rises up with the powerful and mystical Qi of the Green Dragon. Let’s dive in.


There are three main energies to be aware of here, Yang, Green, and Dragon. We will start with the latter and go ‘backwards’ just as Chinese is read right to left.

The Dragon is a call to transformation. An Eastern Mystic would not conjure up the idea of a fire-breathing Dragon, this Dragon archetype lives in the rock and stones of the Earth. They carry the freedom of air and water and move throughout a range of elemental bodies with ease, sometimes they are seen in clouds or in the river waters. Dragon is associated with the Month of April, Springtime, 7-9 am, and hexagram 43 “Guai/ Determination. It is a time of great change with a need for mindful decisions and follow-through.

Green is a color associated with the Element of Wood, this year is also referred to as a Wood year. Wood element governs the Liver and Gallbladder. A Yin and Yang pair of organs that make and secrete bile (a green body fluid that breaks down fat), and support digestion. When Wood energy is excess one may be irritable and impulsive. Curious that we use the term “bile” to indicate irritability. When Wood is deficient one may feel powerless, timid, and indecisive. When Wood is balanced one can be assertive and benevolent, with a growing sense of accomplishment. Learn more about balancing the Wood element below in Self-Care section.

Yang is the masculine brightness of the radiant and hot Sun. It moves and catalyzes

growth, but it can not necessarily be touched. Yang is ethereal to Yin which is the feminine darkness of the Moon which reflects the ethereal light as a container for sustenance. A Yang Year means an active year! It is encouraged to go out into the world and shine!

Overall this Yang Green Dragon Year beckons us to radiate with intent, and be determined with the changes we wish to accomplish.


What takes you beyond the overview is it a call to dive in deeper and find the gold? It is that drive to grow and expand that we find resonance with a Yang Wood Dragon energy. This is the energy of growth and expansion, just as a plant breaks through the dark fertile soil so must we break through our own darkness and the deception of fear. We Are moving from a Yin Water year, which holds the energy of the Kidneys and Bladder and when out of balance is trapped in fearful stillness, think ice. To Yang Wood year which is a big contrast. This year it is important to go back to the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, the first agreement is to be impeccable with your word, the second is to not take things personally, the third is to not make assumptions, and the last is to always do your best. If you can apply these to this year you are less likely, to be swept up by eager irritability when things do not go your way, or to be easily hurt by others' actions as they charge forward. Remember it starts within, and navigating this year will take innerwork so that determination doesn't become excessive aggression or depleted timidity. Day by day your "best" will change, but you can always aim for growth.

The global energy is at a tipping point, economically, environmentally, and politically.

This means it is very important to stay alert and aware. Liver is associated with the eyes and it is this ability to see into the future and apply the will and determination to persevere. Think 7-generations ahead as the Native Americans do. Think beyond yourself and into the vast reaches of even your most subtle influences. Every ripple can lead to a wave. This is a year where the people can come together with intent and see through the changes that we need to thrive and grow.

The last deeper insight is into the Spirit of the Liver, the Hun. Each of the six Yin

organs have a unique spirit. The Hun is not Spirit in general, that is the Shen that lives in the Heart and has no trace of personality or memory. The Hun is a spirit unique to each person and carries the personality traits that encourage the innate will. It is that part of you that is beckoned to go forth in sport or study even when it is hard because something in you knows this is important to YOU! It is the deep churning within to grow and ties back to the energy of wood and expansion.



For Liver excess which can appear as irritability, impulsiveness, & vertex headaches. The point Liver 3 is recommended. This point courses Liver Qi, subdues Liver Yang, extinguishes wind, and clears heat. Liver 3, Taichong (Bigger Rushing): On the dorsum (top) of the foot, in the depression distal to the junction of the 1st and 2nd metatarsal bones. It is between the big and second toe where the two bones come to meet, find the most tender area, and palpate with circular motion and pressure.

For Liver insufficiency which can appear are timidity, low self-esteem, indecisiveness, the point Liver 8 is suggested. This point invigorates blood (moving blood, moves consciousness), and nourishes blood, and yin. Here you may wonder why build yin if we need yang. Well, Yang cannot hold without enough Yin, like a fire needing logs to burn. This building of yin sustains the movement of yang. Liver 8 Ququan (Spring at the Bend): Located when the knee is bent, the point is on the medial side in a depression just above the crease of the back of the knee. Posterior to the epicondyle of the femur, on the anterior part of the insertion of semimembranosus and semitendinosus as depicted by the ropes in the image below. Find the most tender area here and apply pressure you may consider building a lively green color in your fingertip to nourish the Liver.


Supportive Offerings

  • Spring Cleanse: Please email me to get on the list. Dates TBT. Can be done remotely. This is supported by a group and myself going along the cleanse guidelines together. It is a great way to reset and spring forth with a revitalized energy and mindset.

  • Acupuncture & Asian Bodywork are supportive for overall well-being and deep health. If you would like to call for a consultation or to make a booking please do not hesitate to reach out.

  • February 10th, 2-3:33 pm: Ancient Womb Wisdom At Santa Fe Community Yoga

  • Find a deeper connection to the rhythms of Nature in the body. For all genders and generations. This wisdom shines through centuries of practice and observance.

  • February 10th, 5:30- 7 pm: Sonic Yin for the Lunar New Year

  • Yin Yoga and Sound Healing provide a container for deep inner transformation. To calibrate with the New Moon for the year to come.


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